Welcome to the iSportsReg site. You can use this site to enter the Leicestershire & Rutland and Warwickshire County Track and Field Championships to be held at Pringle Stadium, Nuneaton on 17th/18th May 2014.

´╗┐You do not have to complete your entry in one sitting. You can do some then leave the system, return later to complete and pay for it. Once you have finished click on the link below to return to your County web site.  

Leicestershire & Rutland                                      Warwickshire

We much prefer that you enter online because it saves you and the County time and effort. If you prefer to enter on paper then click go to your County web site to download a copy of the form. Note that the entry fee is higher and the closing date is earlier because of the extra work involved to process the forms.

** Updated March 17th 2014

Online registration now closed.                                                                                                                             


We prefer that you address any enquires to us using the “contact us” facility. 


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